Amanda Kaschak

Maggie McGee

Amanda Kaschak has performed in over 35 staged productions, several independent films and national commercials, and is a member of SAG and Actors Equity. Training: USC BFA Acting Program, Second City Chicago, Clarence Brown Theatre. Recent credits: Center Theatre workshop of #therevolution, Trojan Women, The Crucible, Recent Tragic Events, and the world premiere (one year run) then Broadway reading of Caught, which won her Stage Scene’s Best Actress and was Ovation recommended and LA Weekly nominated. Look for her next starring in the independent films Wine and Whimsy and The 6th Degree.

Jeff DuJardin

Patton Robertson

Jeff DuJardin hails from the smallest state, Rhode Island. He graduated from Providence College with a BA in Theater Arts, where he was awarded the prestigious NBC Mike Leonard Award, given to the top student in the department. Jeff also studied under the legendary stage actor Fred Sullivan of Trinity Repertory—while performing in professional theater productions including Perishable Theater and the Boston Theater Marathon. His credits include films such as No God, No Master (with David Strathairn), Quake (a Cannes Festival short film selection), Silent Life (with Isabella Rossellini), Something in the Dark and lead roles in television shows such as Unusual Suspects, True Nightmares and The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead. Jeff has studied under the revered Hollywood acting coach, John Kirby.

Jennifer Robyn Jacobs

Stephanie Spielberg

Jennifer Robyn Jacobs is a Los Angeles-based actress. She was born in New York City and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After graduating Boston University, Jennifer was discovered by Martin Campbell to be the stand-in and double for Mel Gibson’s daughter in Graham King’s, Edge of Darkness. A few films later, she moved to Los Angeles. Her favorite actress is Marion Cotillard and it is her dream to one day costar with her. Besides acting, Jennifer is an active humanitarian and very passionate about travel. Her recent visits include: India, Morocco, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Germany, France, among many others.

Oliver Morton

The Frankenstein Monster

Born Louis Oliver Morton III in Knoxville, Tennessee, Oliver grew up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From the ages of eight through fifteen, he played junior national tennis and then (at a height of 6′ 8″) went on to play basketball in college at Ole Miss and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and then overseas throughout twelve different countries. But it was in high school theater that he fell in love with acting. After beginning his career in LA commercially, he slowly transitioned into film and television. “I am one of the lucky individuals that get to live out my dream, which is being a full-time actor.”

Kelsey Zukowski

The Bride of Frankenstein

Kelsey Zukowski is an experienced and passionate screenwriter, actress and model, specializing in the horror genre. She has worked on productions across the country, working heavily in the indie horror scene in Chicago as well as LA. Zukowski has a background in theater, having fallen in love with acting during a school production when she was 10. This love of acting proved to be a love of storytelling and the cinema in particular. She has written TV recaps, music and movie reviews, news stories, and has conducted interviews with independent filmmakers around the world. Zukowski has a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Cinema with a concentration in Screenwriting from DePaul University.

Anthony King

Count Dracula

Anthony King was an actor before he knew what the word meant. Born in Jerusalem, he was the youngest of ten and somehow knew that if he were to receive the attention he craved, he would have to come up with something special. He mimicked everything—every sound, everyone he saw or heard. After quietly observing the world around him in his first year (practically in silence), he burst out in his second year as the literal life of the party. He was fortunate to have been born gifted with a great “ear” and the power of observation. Along with six years studying the craft of acting and experience with various characterizations, this combination of innate ability, study and practice has made him the artist and actor he is today: ready to take on with a devotion and work ethic second to none, anything that comes his way.

Steven Aguilera

Writer | Director | Composer

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven Aguilera has been producing photo-realistic Illustrations since his mid-teens and is self-educated in most aspects of art. Having worked on his art instruction book, A New Perspective, as a side project for twenty years, Steven has devoted countless hours to researching and perfecting the ground-breaking information it contains on depth and three-dimensional form. On his first film project, he served as a scenic artist on the Roman Coppola-produced horror film, Clownhouse, starring Sam Rockwell. Since then he has written seven feature scripts as well as written and directed numerous short films. Steven resides in Los Angeles and works as a film composer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor and visual effects artist.